At Somerset House for the 3D shooting of 'Counterpoint' a choreography by Shobana Jeyasingh

At Somerset House for the 3D shooting of 'Counterpoint' a choreography by Shobana Jeyasingh


Films directed by Mark James

2015-2019 WILLIAM TILLYER - AN ARTIST ON THE OUTSIDE – Feature documentary. Widestream Films

The life and work of artist William Tillyer who turns 80 in 2018, and his curious relationship with his art dealer Bernard Jacobson. 

2014-19 STUDIO 17: THE LOST REGGAE TAPES - Feature Documentary. Widestream Films

The incredible story of a treasure trove of some 2000 original session tapes recorded in the formative years of Ska and Reggae, now being restored in New York. 

2014 WHAT DO ARTISTS DO ALL DAY ? Michael Craig-Martin 30 Mins Widestream Films for BBC 4 TX Mon 19th May 2014. Follows acclaimed artist Michael Craig-Martin as he prepares for a major sculpture exhibition at Chatsworth House.

2013 CANYON RANCH - KAPLANKAYA Promotional film about a vast new development on the Aegean coast of Turkey.  8MIns

2012 – SECTION Promo for psychological horror film.

2012 – PERFORMING THE IMPOSSIBLE – Launch film for new ballet company, The New English Ballet Theatre. 10 Mins

2012 - KILBURN HIGH ROAD – THE STREET WHERE I LIVE For MANIFESTO NYC 10Min musical ‘vignette’ on London life.

2010 DANCE DANCE DANCE 50 Mins Fresh One for SKY ARTS 3D Dance spectacular shot in 3D presented by Arlene Philips and featuring some of Britain’s top choreographers and dance troupes including English National Ballet, Shobana Jeyasingh, and Combination Dance. International 3D Society Award for Entertainment and Music at Mann’s Chinese Theatre Hollywood.

2010 A BIPOLAR EXPEDITION – TRUE STORIES - MORE 4 65 Mins feature documentary about Midland’s businessman Paul Downes who invites 12 beautiful Ukranian women to join him at a spectacular castle in Jamaica with the hope that one will marry him. 

2006 – 2007 DAMIEN AND FRANK –  (WT)  Feature length documentary about Damien Hirst - the world’s most successful living artist and his curious relationship with accountant and business partner Frank Dunphy. Unfinished.

2007 VAMPIRE DIARY – 85 min Feature film for cinema & DVD 90 Mins. Widestream Films, Sterling Pictures & Bard Entertainments. Holly, a woman making a video diary about the Vampire-Goth sub-culture comes across a real vampire – or does she? Staring Anna Walton and Morven Macbeth. Written by Phil O'Shea.

Screened at NFT 1 London LGFF, San Francisco LGFF, PiFan international Film Festival, Oldenburg Film Festival, Valencia Film Festival. Winner Best Film, Best Editing, Best Actress, Best Cinematography Milan International Film Festival 2008. 


2003 –2004 VINCENT, THE FULL STORY 3X 50min ZCZ for Channel 4. The full story of Vincent Van Gogh, the most popular, celebrated artist ever. His work is also the most expensive. He seems very familiar, but the full story is largely unknown. Presented by Waldemar Januszczak. 


2003 TABLOID TALES – HEATHER MILLS – Story of ‘The worst year in my life’ – The year she married Paul McCartney – 40Mins Brighter Pictures for BBC1

2000 - ANIMAL INSTINCT - two women are on a bizarre mission to meet a man at a seedy industrial estate. Darkly comic 10 minute digital drama. Written by Phil O'Shea

1999 - 2000 SHOCK OF THE OLD - 3 of 6 LANDMARK 50 MINS Uden Associates for Channel 4 on the shock of buildings when they were new. Presented by architect Piers Gough. 

1999: THE REAL ISSIGONIS - 50Mins Uden Associates for Channel 4 The intriguing life of Sir Alex Issigonis, designer of the original Mini. 

1999: KENTUCKY TEENAGE VAMPIRES 50mins United Productions for FIVE Rod Ferrell a ‘vampire’ brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend’s parents in Florida.  The impact of his actions on ‘vampire’ friends and community in his hometown of Murray Kentucky. The ‘buckle on the bible belt.' Includes a death row interview with Rod.

1998 : DESIGNS ON YOUR.... CAR 50mins TV6 for C4 Top British designers Seymour Powell try to design a revolutionary electric car with a small plastics company in Norway.

1996 : TRISHA BROWN – JUST DANCING AROUND? 50Mins Euphoria for Channel 4. Follows pioneering modern dance choreographer Trisha Brown in New York as she choreographs and prepares for the premier of a major new work.

1996 : PHIL COLLINS - BIG BAND 50mins BBC1. Follows Phil as he re-arranges a number of hits in the Big Band style. The film continues to observe rehearsals and the opening night at the Montreux Jazz Festival, with musical guest legends including Quincy Jones and Tony Bennett.

1995 : DAVE STEWART - GREETINGS FROM THE GUTTER OMNIBUS 50 mins BBC1 Inside the psychological mindscape of ex- Eurythmic Dave Stewart as he writes and records a new album. Also features Annie Lennox. 

1994 : ABOUT FACE - OMNIBUS 50mins: BBC 1 A history of the self portrait, from ancient to modern – From Rembrandt’s paintings to ‘Brit artist’ Marc Quinn’s Blood Head – and more.

1993: DAMIEN HIRST - FREEZE - OMNIBUS 50mins BBC 1. The first major TV documentary on Damien Hirst. Freeze was the show Damien organised, and which transformed the British art scene. This film follows Damien and several of his iconoclastic YBA contemporaries in a compelling portrait of the London art world at an extraordinary and unique moment.

1992: THIS IS TOMORROW –  50 mins Without Walls  Channel 4 Television.  Pop artist Richard Hamilton (The ‘Father of Pop’) talks about his life and work. In particular, his time at Newcastle Art College where he taught a young art student Bryan Ferry. (Roxy Music) Bryan describes the enormous influence of Hamilton and the film looks at the relationship between Pop Art, Pop Music and popular culture.

1990: UPHOLDING THE BRICKS - 50 mins  Without Walls Channel 4 TV. The work of American Minimalist ‘brick artist’ Carl Andre, as seen through the eyes of BBC’s legendary ‘Tomorrow’s World’ broadcaster Raymond Baxter, who turns out to be Andre’s uncle!